Writing Home

by Lizzy Hewitt

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'Writing Home' is a song originally written for the play 'Benny's To Birdland' and was performed originally by the fictional group 'Bonny and The Cassettes' as it rocketed them to stardom. The song is based on hits of the late 50s and was written with the intention of capturing the sound of the era.


It’s been a while, Ma
Since you heard a word from me,
And I’m sorry that I ran away
From Pa and you.

Our house was no longer a home
and I needed to wander and roam,
There was no way I could grow,
With change overdue.

A new life was calling
And it calls me still,
They say I’ll tire of trying
But I ain’t sure I will.

Cos there’s something inside me that just wont stop,
Even when the weather’s no good,
They can push me and pull me until I drop,
And I would do more if I could.
Sometimes I find, the voice in my mind
Helps me pick myself up off the floor,
It says ‘wherever you go, I’ll be right behind,
Like all those other times before’.

When I stop to think,
There are things that I still miss,
Like writing on Nana’s piano
All of the time

Most nights I’m playing at Smokey’s
After waitin’ on tables at Benny’s
But often I’m lucky
If they pay me a dime.

Ain’t got time for sleeping,
Never close my eyes.
Cos I’m too busy climbing
with that sweet New York sunrise.


As I look out over the city,
I don’t see my white picket fence.
There’s a fog that clouds the horizon
and a green light that beckons me hence.

Tell Pa that I’m sorry for leaving
and Johnny he isn’t to blame
and I know that I miss you all dearly,
I just couldn’t let things stay the same.



released June 29, 2016
Performed by Lizzy Hewitt
Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Geoffrey Hewitt



all rights reserved